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Interactive Video Monitoring

  • This system brings unparelleled response from law enforcement.
  • Provides continuous and simultaneous monitoring of all property areas.
  • Instantly locate and track a potential threat.
  • Reduce false alarms.
  • Proactive response versus reactive measures.
  • Save your finances and manage your facilities better.
  • Dispatch law enforcement to a video-verified “crime in progress”.


A network of external high resolution, low-light sensitive cameras, and intrusion detection sensors are linked to an interactive control panel on your site.


When an intrusion occurs, the system will send alarm information and video images, via the available communication lines, to our state-of-the-art Command Center.

From here our operators can:

  • Detect intruders early, usually at the perimeter.
  • Deter intruders via audio interception.
  • Dispatch law enforcement as required.
  • Distinguish between intruders and random movements.
  • Detect movement, heat, or sound.
  • Track and record events.
  • Provide activity feedback reports each week/month.
  • Conduct regular “electronic” patrols of the site.
  • Verify false alarms and concentrate only on real threats.
  • Control other site elements such as gates, cameras, and lights.

Safety Tips

Use it. Are you setting your alarm every time you leave your home? Having an inactive alarm system is equivalent to not having an alarm system at all if an intruder selects your home as his target.

Show it. Let us know if you need a Ruco Alarm sign or stickers which indicate that you are protected with an alarm system.

Enjoy social media wisely. So many times we see our friends and family sharing their upcoming vacation getaways and even mentioning how long they will be absent from home. Post your pictures and talk about all of the fun you had after you return!

Don’t forget to secure the slider. We were recently surprised to run into a couple who would have typically already been enjoying their Florida home this time of year. They were delayed from escaping the cold weather due to an unplanned and extensive kitchen repair.

While this couple was dining out one evening, a deer crashed through the sliding glass door located at the back of their home. He charged about, crashing into walls, doors, and appliances, finally exiting through the front door. Fixing this damage cost many thousands of dollars.

We agree the likelihood of this happening to you may be small, but two-legged intruders also realize the sliding glass door can often be a weak link in your home’s defenses.