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Technology that Makes Sense for Both Your Business and Your Home

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Evolution at the Speed of Technology

You know how quickly technology evolves, and you probably have a pretty good handle on what types of solutions you need in your business to compete. When you go home at night, you likely have a wish list of things you’d want in your house both for safety and entertainment.

You just might not always know what those solutions are.

Questions Answered – Know What’s Right for Your Business

Hardware, software, electronic components, wiring, wireless, audio, visual, security. Do I need one over the other? Do I need a combination of all of them? Do they work together or compete with one another? Am I even going to know how to work it all to get the solutions my business and home need?

These are the questions we consistently hear at TEKIN, so we understand where you’re coming from. We’ve been using innovative and tested technological solutions for all kinds of “wish lists” in our 12+ years in business.

We’ve helped people just like you, develop and execute a technology strategy to keep their company on the cutting edge of their industry, for example. Installing smart TVs and intercom systems in the board room, while also protecting trade secrets, equipment, and buildings.

Safe Homes = Smart Homes

Smart homes can be incredibly convenient, but also dangerous. So we’ll talk through solutions with you and create a strategy together. From sound systems to TVs, and security systems to local monitoring, TEKIN Systems provides the equipment, the install, and all the support you need.

Hear what our business and residential customers have to say, and then contact us to set up a free home or office review. No obligation, no sales pitch; just an honest assessment that addresses all the technology you’re looking for.

Tekin Integrated Systems, Inc., Burglar Alarm Systems, Waterville, OH

Working with you to make you feel safe and secure

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Design & Implementation

TEKIN is an experienced leader in the visual collaboration field and is one of only a few integrators with the knowledge and certifications to customize immersive telepresence. We have focused solely on visual communication solutions from the beginning which has provided a unique understanding of collaboration environments.

Home Automation

There are many applications for home lighting automation. Remote control lighting systems used to be mainly for commercial use, but lighting control systems are rapidly growing in popularity for residential use, especially for larger homes, those with sophisticated home theaters, and those with extensive grounds, a pool area and pool house, tennis courts, and other out buildings.

Collaboration Environments

Collaboration rooms are designed to perfectly align with each customer’s unique needs. Functionality can range from a basic training room or video conference room to a complex Executive Boardroom or Active Collaboration Room.