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CCTV & Security Cameras in Toledo

CCTV and DVR for Security

Technological advances in closed circuit television and video documentation allows business owners and homeowners alike to install systems tailored to fit the structure itself as well as each space’s unique needs.

From small devices meant to be concealed, to large devices meant to send a clear message, at TEKIN we have the connections and resources to pull together the right systems and components for you.

CCTVs: Eyes When You Aren’t There

The best eyes are your own. But you can’t always be there; you can’t always see everything. This is why it’s important to consider installing cameras to surveil your property 24/7. Closed circuit televisions, or CCTVs as the industry pros call them, capture, record, and send video images to a signal monitoring point.

DVRs: Intel on Demand

With the added benefit of DVRs, the activity can be recorded and played back if an issue arises. This allows investigators to review footage and determine the source of the problem.

Seeing camera’s installed inside and outside of a facility can be the only deterrent you need to scare off intruder’s. But for those not-so-smart would-be villains who choose to break in anyway, their face is quickly recorded along with anything they touch, damage, or take.

The Security Trifecta

Coupled with alarm systems, CCTVs and DVRs create a comprehensive physical security plan. Ensuring the systems are monitored and maintained put you in the best possible position of safety.

At TEKIN we’ve installed CCTVs and DVRs in both residential properties, and commercial properties. Each system is tailored for the specific needs and budget of the family or business involved.

Meet with us, no obligation, and let us in on what you’re looking for and let’s figure out how we can help.

  • High resolution color cameras
  • Event recording-real time & time lapse
  • Multiplexers
  • Remote access and viewing
  • Event transmission
  • Cash Register Monitoring
  • Computer interfacing
CCTV & Security Cameras in Toledo