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Design and Engineering

Engineered Functionality

In order to truly fit, it has to be tailored. With that in mind and your goals our focus, we’ll strategically design and engineer the technology solutions your business needs.

Engineering is Nothing Without Design

Sometimes there just isn’t a ready-made product on the shelf waiting specifically for you. Sometimes there are processes and methodologies that don’t mold perfectly to your business or home.

This is where our team of trained design engineers develop a tailored plan and make sure the system is engineered to function as it should. We’ll coordinate efforts with account managers, installation techs, general contractors, and architects to ensure the final solution meets, if not exceeds, expectations.

Customization like this makes short work of your projects because we get it done right, right from the start. Everyone is on the same page and the products and methods used for your project match your unique circumstances, floor plans, and/or goals.

The design is as important as the way it’s engineered, and it all is driven by your vision.

TEKIN will devise and implement a perfectly tailored solution for your home or business.

Call today and find out how it works.

Design is Nothing Without Engineering

Of course, when it’s time to get systems installed, our qualified techs will be there at your convenience to get everything set up.

After the fact, we’re only a phone call away when you have questions or need tech support.

At TEKIN we understand the importance of A/V to your business, both for internal efficiencies and external competitiveness. We also know that in a world where so much is not secure, you must protect your business. We make your company’s security our priority, and we take on each project with dedicated focus.

Contact us to share your ideas. Whether your goals surround audio/visual enhancements, corporate security, or both, together we’ll get things done.

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